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About the Author

Brian Tissue has been teaching analytical chemistry at a variety of levels since 1993. This text represents his approach to integrate analytical concepts and chemical equilibria as applied to quantitative measurements. The text stresses data and measurement concepts, chemical equilibria, and provides an introduction to common chemical instrumentation.

Teaching Experience
General Chemistry (CHEM 1035/1036)
The place to start.

Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 2114/2124)
Sophomore-level lecture and lab stressing quantitative analysis, aqueous equilibria, electrochemistry, spectrometry, and separations.


Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 4114/4124)
Senior-level lecture and lab on the principles and applications of electro-chemistry, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and chromatography.


Analytical Spectroscopy (CHEM 5124)
Graduate-level course on the interaction of light and matter, optics, lasers, spectrometers, atomic spectrometry, fluorescence, and mass spectrometry.


Instrument Design (CHEM 5144)
Graduate-level course on data analysis, optics, electronics, vacuum systems, and the construction of analytical instruments.


Current Topics - Bioanalytical Spectroscopy (CHEM 6164)
Graduate-level course on the principles and instrumentation for fluorescence spectroscopy with bioanalytical applications.

Professional Experience
Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, Department of Chemistry, 4/99 - present.
Program Director, National Science Foundation, Chemistry Division, 9/03-12/04.
Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech, Department of Chemistry, 8/93-4/99.
Postdoctoral Associate, Los Alamos National Lab, 1991-1993.
Postdoctoral Associate, University of Georgia, 1988-1991.


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